TSA Background Check: Complete Candidate Prep Guide [2022]

The Transportation Security Administration background check is as complex as it is for an understandable reason.

Even If you passed the TSA CBT Test with flying colours and completed all the stages of the TSA’s application process successfully, you will still need to obtain a security clearance. The TSA wants to make sure you are beyond reproach.

That’s why we will be walking you through the entire process, explaining criminal offences that disqualify you permanently, and much more.

Below is all you’re required to know.

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TSA Background Check for Employment

After the horrific events on 9/11, the US Government set up the Transportation Security Administration to make sure that this could not happen again.

Nevertheless, to make sure that this vital agency’s ranks are safeguarded, a thorough and rigorous background check was included as part of the hiring process of the TSA. From checking unpaid debts to criminal convictions and credit rating, there are several factors that can result in you being automatically disqualified.

The Transportation Security Administration background check is as complex as it is for an understandable reason.

TSA doesn’t see every criminal conviction as equal. So we’ll check out the types that disqualify and the types that don’t.

TSA Background Check Disqualifications - Permanent

What we need to first let you know is “the obvious.” If you’ve pled guilty or been convicted for conspiring to commit or committing either treason, sedition, terrorism, espionage, or murder, then you don’t need to bother applying.

Nevertheless, a background check into some other examples can result in an automatic ban from working at this agency for a lifetime. Below, we’ll check out other “lesser crimes” with varying limitation degrees.

Incident Related to Transportation Security

The definition of this crime is “a security incident that resulted in a significant economic disruption, transportation systems disruption, loss of life, or environmental damage in a particular area.”

Nevertheless, individuals who were active in organized work stoppages or unions do not have to worry because a dispute between an employer and employee isn’t seen as a Transportation Security Incident.

Materials Prone to Explosions

They refer to this violation as the “unlawful possession of, manufacturing, storing, transferring, exporting, purchasing, distribution, or selling of anything that has explosive materials as defined by the legal code of the US.”

Conviction Under the RICO Act

In short, it’s referred to the individuals who’ve been convicted because they were members of mafias, gangs, or any other organized crime group.

Additionally, this law places any group responsible for committing extortion, bribery, robbery, obscenities, arson, gambling, or kidnapping as racketeering.

Non-Permanent TSA Background Check Disqualifications

Even though these crimes won’t likely get you permanently banned, some can prevent you from getting any job offer for 5 to 7 years!

It’s necessary for you to know what offenses can and will affect your candidacy.

Possession of Equipment and Weapons of The US Military

They refer to this violation as the unlawful storing, exporting, purchasing, transferring, manufacturing, distributing, selling, possession of military equipment or firearms as defined by the penal code of the US.

Fraud and Money Laundering

With a strict exception of bad checks and welfare fraud, identity fraud, and money laundering will all make you not get a job at the TSA.

In addition, influencing a public official illegally or being the one that received an illegal financial offering is known as bribery, and it’s also illegal.

Violations of The Immigration Law

If you’re an immigrant who has worked for a minimum of 180 days out of 5 years without having a permit.

In addition, either entering a point of entry fraudulently or point of entry circumvention is a violation that’ll result in a ban of between 5 to 7 years.

Importing, Distributing, or Buying Illegal Drugs

Importing, distributing, or buying any illegal drug. It’s unnecessary to include that taking any illegal drug will surely be picked up while you do a drug test and disqualify you.

However, voluntary manslaughter (for example, the heat of passion) or assault with the intention of killing are more categories of crimes that’ll prevent you from working with the Transportation Security Administration.

Crimes Involving Violence

The crimes include aggravated sexual assault or rape, robbery, kidnapping-hostage taking, and arson.

Indictment or Arrest Warrant

It’s necessary to know that even an indictment (until revoked) or arrest warrant discovered while they do the background check for any of the above violations can be the cause of you not being accepted.

TSA Background Check Procedures

There are a lot of other ways whereby the TSA conducts a Background Check per the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration Records).

Taking Fingerprints – They’ll submit your fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to ensure that you’ve not committed any federal crimes.

Checking FAA Records– They’ll check all the medical claims you have against FAA records to make sure that you’re on the up and up.

References Check– Ensure you have good references because they’ll check.

Social Security and Current Address – They’ll check several records, such as your social security and current address, for fraud.

Motor Vehicle Record – The red flags here include license suspensions and vehicle violations, and they’ll be examined.

Former Employer – They’ll use background checks to investigate any former Workplace financial settlements or accidents.


TSA Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME)

Hazardous Materials Endorsement Threat Assessment Program assesses the threat to drivers looking to get, renew and transfer a hazardous materials endorsement on a federal commercial driver’s license. Applicants should apply if they hold a state-issued CDL and are required to transport materials placarded by the Department of Transportation.

You can find more information about this TSA pre-check in the following link.